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1.  Your photographer will film before, during and after your ceremony.  If you are having a sunset ceremony we wait for the sun to begin to descend and capture the changing light in your photos. Absolutely gorgeous! We recommend for 2-15 people our full basic package that         gives you one and a quarter hours of filming, and you receive a guaranteed minimum of 75 4" x 6" printed photos and and edited CD with all your images shipped to your home. That is our starter package.  Contact us for specifics for your intimate event.

We accommodate larger groups and longer filming.

Video will be filmed for the same length of time as your photographer. Your DVD will be studio-edited with music, headings, a series of portrait stills at the end highlighting peak moments during your wedding -- depending upon videographer chosen –Your video also includes interviews of any guests (a surprise for you both later on when you view your video) and an opportunity to send a message right there at your beautiful Hawaiian wedding site, to your family and friends who are back home.

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LEIS ---
Hawaiian leis are part of the magic of a Hawaii wedding. They bring their freshness, beauty and alluring fragrance (some leis are without scent) to your ceremony, along with the loving care and tradition with which they are sewn. This provides you with all you need to now have the romantic, sacred Hawaiian Lei Exchange and experience its gentle yet powerful intimacy.

There are a variety of lei styles from which to choose.  You can either let me select one for you, in which case I'll take into consideration what you'll be wearing, what your other florals may be, and your style of wedding.  Otherwise you can select your own leis from our recommendations and lei photos.

First choice, the beautiful keepsake traditional leis because they are so unique and sacred to the Hawaiians.  They can be dried and taken home so will be keepsakes for you.  They consist of the open-leafed green maile lei, the "Royal" Lei which would be what the groom wears; and for the bride, the same maile lei, but wrapped with white orchids and fragrant white tuberose.  Absolutely sumptuous! Both bride and groom can have flowers wrapped around their maile leis for double fragrance and luxuriousness.  They look incredible in the photos.

Photo:  Picture This Photographics                                  Photo:  Picture This Photographics

Specialty flower Leis ---  In the same deluxe category, these are closed all-flower leis that go over your head and are sewn in a most intricate way using only fresh, unique Hawaiian flowers. Includes our exquisite roped flower leis, for example, double orchids, tuberose, Hawaiian roses and kika cigar leis that are sewn in a spiral.

All-Flower Leis ---- We use the freshest and best of all Hawaiian flowers.  You can have leis made with orchids of various kind and colors, tuberose, ilima, ginger, pikake, Hawaiian roses and baby roses.  Also available are leis especially for guests.  Ask us for more details.

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A beautiful, custom-made Lei Po'o, a lei for your head that turns you instantly into a regal bride, Hawaiian-style.  Made from fresh leaves and flowers to match with your neck lei.  Your Haku can dry and be a keepsake depending upon the materials used.  There are various styles to choose from depending upon your attire.  Always elegant.

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  • Beautiful standard bouquets of tropical orchids and greenery in either the trailing cascading style or a rounded nosegay style.  Can also use tropicals or available exquisite local flowers.
  • Deluxe Bouquets with specialty flowers, Hawaiian Roses, Specialty Orchids, Lilies
  • Mega Deluxe Bouquets. With all of the above + and can include imported rarer florals.
  • Natural Look Handheld Bouquets with stems showing, wrapped with ribbon and bow using large calla lilies, tulip anthuriums, orange and gold Pin Cushion Protea, orchids, etc.
  • Handheld Bouquet with Roses or special Mini Calla Liles in incredible choices of colors which includes two bunches (at least 10 Cala Lilies)

BOUTONNIERE FOR THE GROOM ---- These are designed to match the Bouquet

SMALL LOOSE HAIR FLOWERS ALSO AVAILABLE ---- such as dendrobium orchids or panda orchids.

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Normally we put a really beautiful elongated (Long, low) floral arrangement on the altar upon a white runner.  If you would like more flowers then I bring in two smaller arrangements with orchids or anthurium that will sit in the corners either side of the altar on tables with lace tablecloths that I provide.  After your wedding, they can be taken back to grace your condo, hotel room or vacation home.  Have all three arrangements or just an elegant Altar Arrangement or just the two side table arrangements.  Prices for all options.


You and your beloved stand in a circle or heart of beautiful fresh flowers.  Made to easily be taken back to decorate your vacation home for meaningful and beautiful memories during your stay.

flower circle


This is very beautiful, especially for walking upon barefoot.  I don't let anyone step on the petals until the bride arrives and walks along her scented pathway -- Rose Petals are beautiful and sumptuous!  We recommend orchids or scented Plumeria flowers for beauty and economy.


This is a Hawaiian style marriage certificate (also for Renewal of Vows and For Holy Union Ceremonies), 8" x 11" which we all sign.  This is in addition to the official marriage certificate that will be sent to you by the State after your wedding.  The border is made up of a maile lei with white wedding flowers and the colors are predominantly lovely soft blues and greens.  Ideal to frame on your wall.


Another favorite is a choice bottle of dry champagne After the ceremony we sign your license. Then we wait for the sunset, the perfect time to have a  glass or two of champagne refreshment and toast each other, an option to consider that people love and looks so good in the photos.


I have a fabulous baker who makes white cake, yellow cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon poppyseed, coconut cake and also a superb fresh strawberries and whipped cream wedding cake. Fresh buttercream frosting is used except in the case of those cakes which have their own special frostings.  Your cake can be decorated with fresh flowers and you can have fresh tropical fillings and other unique options


First of all I'd like to mention a Hawaiian Musician who will sing Hawaiian Love songs and the incomparable Hawaiian Wedding song for you either on ukulele or guitar.  They create and hold a very loving ambiance for you, singing from their very souls.

Also available is flute, harp/voice, violin, viola, cello.

Duos and ensembles can be arranged, as well as string trios and quartets.

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Another very sacred tradition unique to Hawaii is the blowing of the conch shell in the four directions, announcing that your ceremony is about to begin.  Then the conch is blown at the end, announcing that you are now married.  It is a specialized art in Hawaii and a very powerful experience.  It creates what we call "chicken-skin".


The bride and her company can have an excellent hair and makeup stylist come to her vacation home a few hours before the wedding and create a beautiful up-do or anything else she wishes.  The stylist also applies a light, natural-looking makeup and pulls the entire 'look' together, hair dress and makeup.  Everyone loves working with her, as she does excellent work, is pleasant, fun, a really quick-study and eager to please.

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Monarch Butterflies are transformative, magical creatures and releasing them at your celebration has much significance.  It is said that they carry your wishes up to heaven.  It's an indescribable, awesome moment as you send these beautiful, mystical winged messengers off on your behalf.  In release boxes.  One Dozen Butterflies -- larger releases available.

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For Jewish ceremonies of all kinds, we have a tropical-style, charming chupah available to set-up at your intimate event.

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An elegant, stress-free way to arrive at your wedding site and be driven to dinner afterwards or wherever else you would like to go.  The limousines we use are white Lincolns with service-oriented drivers. Black, Silver and Stretch Limos also available.

Table Set

We will be happy to arrange for an excellent caterer for your wedding reception and plan a menu with you or coordinate your wedding dinner with the Executive Chef at any of the resorts.  Service Fee applies.



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