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Intuitive Readings


There is nothing like having a professional periscope available to peer into you, your relationship together, and your deeper hearts and souls. Take time before your wedding day to have this enlightening, enjoyable experience together.  See clearly the energies you create and discover the best ways to maximize the nourishment, closeness, creativity, freedom and joy that you inspire in each other.  An intuitive session is a positive, uplifting experience, an invaluable treasure trove of insights and information, especially during times of change.

  • Discover the upcoming trends in your life and enjoy exploring them together.
  • Recognize the areas that are easy and rewarding for you.
  • See how you build them and fully enjoy them, and not take them for granted
  • Recognize the areas that can bite you from behind and learn to navigate smoothly through them.
  • Awaken your abilities and gifts. Clear old patterns that get in the way.
  • Everything comes to benefit you in some way. You just need to know how to look.
  • Come with any subject, any question, or just bring yourselves and watch the magic happen.  We  go to the soul level.

In person or by phone.
Individual Sessions: One Hour $125
Couples' Sessions: One Hour 45 minutes $200
All Sessions Recorded


"I'd like to say a few words about my dear friend and mentor Libby Tao. She's an awesome spiritual counselor and psychic! I speak from experience! I met Tao 30 years ago in Toronto. I was pretty messed up then. She took me under her wing - that's right, she's an angel - and helped to get me back on my path with a combination of tough love, laughter and hugs. Thirty years later I still call upon her for clarity and love when I feeling a little overwhelmed. I've always found her to be exceptionally accurate with her information. More importantly, she's able to use the information she receives from above to help people make real and positive changes in their lives."
Brian Samo Ross Author of "Talking to God without Calling Long Distance"

Dear Libby.
Thank you! What a joy you are!  What pleasure you bring to all and what a lovely gift-your insight.
Kathrin Parsons
Artist and Designer of Creativity Retreats
Even though I had to leave early, your energy tonight really touched my soul and made me smile, even now.  Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with all of us.  All the things you mentioned tonight were so intriguing.  Maybe you could start training others in your methods. I look forward to many more gatherings with you, whether at Kona Womens Workshops or at another location. Aloha and blessings for your light.
Tina Kitchens
Creator and Organizer of Kona Womens Workshops
Designer, Premier Pacific Design Group, LLC

Dear Libby,
I’m still basking in my experience with you, and I am delighted to enclose the following testimonial. People go to Hawaii to surf, swim, scuba, snorkel, sail, fish , golf, marry and enjoy the sights.  I, on the other hand, wanted something a little more out of the ordinary from my trip.  Something unique that would be entirely mine.  I somehow knew this something “special” would be of another dimension, so I was thrilled to meet Libby via my friend and to have a reading by her.  Let me just say that I am very reticent.  I told Libby nothing that she could build on, and within a few minutes, she was looking into the deepest recesses of my soul.  The advice and direction she gave me as she “looked,” was perfect for my future goals. She also tapped into my youngest daughter’s strengths and current needs.    I am a satisfied customer who also found a new friend.”  Jayne G. - Texas
Libby Tao first shared her soulful wisdom and insight with us in our beautiful Hawaiian  wedding, her ceremonial words full of heart and Hawaiian beauty. Her soul connection with us as a couple gave such an accurate reading of our chosen communion and our journey as a couple and as individuals in our dance of energy as male and female together.  So many times these past ten years her words have come back to us. The readings are intuitive, soulful, insightful, spirit driven and full of wisdom weaving past and present so the future can unfold in the direction of our dreams.  The information is on all levels and supports the integration of spiritual and physical. We are thankful to have had the honor to share the gifts she is giving.  Teri and Marcel Wester, Chilliwack, B.C. Canada.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the delicious reading last night. I felt a huge opening while it was happening and this morning I feel calmer than I have in a long while. I'm so pleased to hear you are adding your readings into your wedding website. You are so exceptionally talented!  I often find that I receive what you say during readings on the level I can understand them at the time, but then as things unfold I see that what you were telling me was even deeper, and so often related to physical events that I couldn’t have seen at the time.  You are amazing!
Much love!!!!


Change what you don't like in your life
The Quick Pulse, is a deceptively simple and amazingly effective healing technique for changing things in your life that you want to be different. It works with any issue in your life. Created by Jo Dunning, (, it can be done in person or over the phone and a full session, in which you can list up to 5 things in your life that you want to change, will take around half an hour.  But we schedule 45 minutes. You can work on an emotional issue eg) fear, anger, sorrow, loss, etc., physical issues, financial, relationship or lack of relationship, procrastination, anything that limits you or gets in your way, 

I've done the Quick Pulse several times with Libby Tao and I have had such remarkable results— two issues in particular which changed dramatically after only one session— both things that were nagging at me, not problems that required solutions, but situations that drained me, worried me, pained me. With one I had an experience of color: when I first closed my eyes there were swirls of darkness, some brown and red, which immediately began shifting until the light was clear and green. . . quite dramatic. Simultaneously I felt my connection to the things shifting. The situations are still real, not good, but my relationship to them is dramatically different. Another more difficult issue, one I felt obsessive about, took three sessions before I felt it release — worth it. Thanks, Tao. It's GREAT work! --- Alice Anne Parker: Author: Understand Your Dreams; The Last Of the Dream People.  Seer, Psychic, Healing Workshops Facilitator, Reiki Master


Full session:  $55
One Quick Pulse:  $20

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