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Advice on creating vows --- If you are writing your own vows, make promises you can keep.

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What To Wear For A Beach Wedding --- Anything goes. From the most casual of beach wear to formal attire.  Just remember though, wear what you would like to see yourself in.  You will be looking at your photos for the rest of your lives and so will everyone else.

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Make sure you choose to have a lei exchange in your ceremony --- It is a very intimate and sweet moment that you cannot experience anywhere else.

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A professional photographer is a must! ---  Even if it is just the two of you.  Especially if it's just the two of you or with a few guests.  Remember, everyone back home will ask about your Hawaiian wedding.  They'll want to share the experience with you even after the fact and see where you were married and what actually happened.  The only regrets I have heard were when a photographer was not chosen or when photos were taken by well-meaning friends but not fantastic photographers.  Your wedding is one of the peak moments of your life.  You'll want to capture it and preserve it to enjoy over and over.

Wear sun screen --- Even if it's cloudy.  Even if you're out for only a few moments.  Protect your nose.  The tropical sun is deceptively powerful.  Remember those tan lines and make sure they fit in with your wedding dress straps.  Photos. Photos, Photos!!

There is no single right way to have a wedding or any aspect of it --- This is your moment to have what fits with you, what reflects you, what is special and exquisite to you .... what you may have always dreamed of.  This is YOUR time!  Go Wild!

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If you are not sure of the details of your florals -- your bouquet, floral decorations or petal pathway and exactly what should go in them -- let your wedding planner advise the florists to run with it --- Creative people in general, Creative florists specially, give you more when you give them free reign to be creative for you.  Color scheme, style and some guidelines if you have them, are all fine, but for the exact finished product, let them surprise you.  You will not be disappointed!

If you have a wedding budget and have to streamline it somewhere, do it anywhere  except where it relates to the Bride and her pampering before and on her wedding day --- Everyone needs to have some opportunities to feel really special.  We should all be special every day, but for sure on your wedding day.  The Bride must have everything she needs.  Please don't forget about the Groom either!

You can also add in specific traditional elements or rituals  that reflect you and your culture or tradition.  Ask me about them.  We have many.

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Remember Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! --- People feel very special to be doing something for your wedding -- even if it's holding onto your rings and marriage license and bringing them to the wedding for you.  You need as few details as possible to be responsible for or to stress over.  All you really want to do is relax and happily anticipate your wedding.

Feel free to personalize your wedding in your unique way --- For example, add in special readings or poems that are meaningful to you. You can have specific family or friends come up and read them. Or, ask particular people to write something for you and have it read during the ceremony.  Obviously, pick your choices very carefully.

Leave time on your Hawaiian honeymoon to go visit the Volcano --- By all means take a helicopter ride over and see the lava flowing and fly into the valleys. It's incredible!  But also, don't miss walking around in Volcanoes National Park.  It's one of the wonders of the world and the experience cannot be put into mere words.

Click to visit the Volcanos National Park’s website

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