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"The wedding ceremony should be special and reflect the Bride and Groom and who they truly are.  This is a powerful, sacred beginning to a couple's life together and one that they and their families will remember for the rest of their lives.  I tune into their hearts and spirits creating a deeply heartfelt union."  --- Rev Libby Kelson-Fulcher D.D.

"The ceremony you devised and spoke to us on our special day were some of the biggest, strongest, most powerful words I have ever heard. It's like you knew us, and yet we had never met ....."...Rick and Kathy Sleckman...ILL

Dear Rev Libby --- Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a wonderful ceremony! Your beautiful words were such a gift and a wonderful start to our new life together as husband and wife. Best. April and Jessie Gazulo... San Franciso CA


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In each moment of love is found freedom and the divine.  I aim to create a beautiful, ultra romantic experience, whatever your beliefs, so that your wedding is a moving meaningful experience and one that also changes you, deeply touching your hearts and the hearts of any guests.  A message for you both is hidden within the words to assist you in your amazing journey together.  I offer words that speak to your love and friendship and how important they are.  The final words spoken are a very special Hawaiian blessing for you both." --- Rev Libby Kelson-Fulcher, D.D.

"During our ceremony I was looking into your eyes as you were speaking to me and to be honest, I was awestruck. Not just at the unique shade of color of them, but by how calm it made me feel. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and as far as I could tell, yours is genuine, patient, kind and good....Diane and Brian Richardson CO

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We include various Hawaiian traditions.  We perform a lei exchange ceremony which is a very sweet Hawaiian tradition in which you place a lei around each other, kiss each other while I give you the significance of it.  You will find this a uniquely intimate moment that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. 

You can write your own vows if you wish and we will give you samples to start you off or you can hand it all over to us to create for you.  You can add anything into the ceremony that is special and important to you.

Let me thank you again for an incredibly moving and touching ceremony. Both Todd and I, as well as our families, feel blessed to have been married by a minister who was able to bring us together at one time and open our hearts to His energy and love..... to have seen them so energized by a spiritual gathering, still amazes me. Corinna & Todd O'Day .... CA




The most honoring acknowledgement to each other and the life you have created together is to "want to do it all over again". Even though the love that you share now is different from the love you experienced the first time you married. 

....."I still feel what I felt then, but now it's so much more; and now I know that we are forever. Our love will keep on going and growing, no matter what"...


What greater gift can you give to your children and their children, your family and friends, as you again declare your love and devotion to each other; this time with them alongside, sharing in this amazing experience of your unending commitment.  This is a deeply moving event that your children will take with them into their marriage as they see the deep dedication of your love for each other that continues, as do the years.

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The Renewal of Vows ceremony is a revitalizing, enriching, meaningful and intimate affair, bringing your marriage to another new level.  So many people recognize the importance of updating and re-affirming their vows.  They are as creative and unique to each as is the wedding ceremony.  I work with you to customize yours.  You can create your own personal vows if you wish or let me take care of it for you.



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10th Wedding Anniversary --- Thank You for our wonderful ceremony. We found that our reaffirmation of our vows has been of great therapeutic value to our relationship. I feel that we are closer than ever. Carol and Earl Hoffman...CO

25th Wedding Anniversary --- Thank you so much for making our vow renewal ceremony so special. We will always treasure those memories. Our leis made it safely back to Vermont and have dried beautifully, a precious reminder of our special day. Again, "mahalo" for helping us celebrate our 25 years of marriage together.  Much love, Tim and Dolly Vincelette; Elise and Arielle....VT  

26th Wedding Anniversary --- If we measure success by the number of lives we touch and the ways that we reach out to others and truly make a difference, then it's hard to imagine a richer life than yours.  Thank you so very much. With much Aloha.  Sheri and Scott Mezera..Kona HI

40th Wedding Anniversary --- Many thanks for the special ceremony on our 40th anniversary. It was so meaningful for us. The musician was terrific and so was the photographer. The pictures were excellent and we shall cherish them. Also we appreciate the copy of the ceremony and certificate ~ something else we shall cherish. Again many thanks, Tom & Betty Harrison...NY

50th Wedding Anniversary --- Just to watch the faces of our children and grandchildren was incredible! The ceremony you performed was heavenly and very touching. We will treasure always your moving words at our renewal, which we have read over and over. The sunset sail was like something out of a movie. Thank you for making our Anniversary even more special. Aloha, Sandy and Marvin Smalley...CA 

50th Wedding Anniversary ---  Dear Reverend Libby, We're still under the spell of our second wedding, officiated by you! Your words, the way you spoke them and the fact that you had memorized them, were spellbinding. We will be able to read them again and again thereby renewing our vows whenever we wish. Thank you for joining us and giving us a ceremony that surpassed our expectations and that we'll remember forever. ---- Jane and Ed Netland...CA

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We live in one of the most beautiful, magical places on earth and as such have exceptional wedding sites to offer you:

  • Beaches ~ private and public
  • Gardens ~ secluded, on resort properties, or beside the ocean 
  • Chapels ~ unique, quaint and elegant
  • Historic Homes
  • Vacation Beach Homes with your own private beach and grounds
  • Elegant resorts
  • Helicoptor Ride to Secluded Waterfalls or Beach
  • Man-made Waterfalls
  • Sailboats for a small intimate wedding on the sea
  • Catamarans to bring your family and friends with you and marry at sunset

We welcome special, out of the box requests for weddings and venues.

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We have also held ceremonies on top of a high volcano, in a helicopter, on a Harley, at the National Volcanoes Park, on hard lava, safely watching in the distance the steam from the molten lava.

You can have gorgeous ocean, sandy beach, grass, palm trees, lava rock and an unhindered view of the sunset, all at one site and in your photos.

This diversity of nature and immense variety of natural, astounding beauty is what makes the Big Island so incredible.

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Sites range in cost from "free to use" to "the sky is the limit".

We will work with you to select the perfect place for your extraordinary day.


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