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Reverand Libby Kelson-Fulcher

"I feel that life is a mystery to be lived. The more your heart is involved in your day-to-day life and the more you let love inspire you, the more vibrant and fulfilling life will be".   Libby Kelson-Fulcher

Rev. Libby hails from Toronto, Canada and was originally trained to be a symphonic musician. She came to Hawaii in 1986; first to Maui and then to the amazing Big Island of Hawaii in 1988 where she lives and works. The years in-between Canada and Hawaii were spent traveling through Europe, in India and the U.S., working and seeking spiritual answers to fundamental life questions.

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"What interests me, what inspires me, is enthusiasm and union, a connection. This is what makes life worth living: Connecting deeply through loving moments, through a really great joke, through dancing, through ceremonies where we unite universally, through a moment of connection in conversation, playing music with others, or relaxing in nature."

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Her ceremonies reflect this depth and intent.  The words that she writes for each couple are then spoken in their ceremony, bringing in this deeper sense of connection, passion, friendship and union, creating an extraordinarily loving ambiance for all present to feel and enjoy.  She does have a special gift for creating beautiful vows and ceremonies no matter what religion or pathway the couple may be following.

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Rev. Libby is also an intuitive counselor who advises and assists individuals and couples to reach their greatest potential.  She is a gifted conflict resolution facilitator, able to de-stress a situation by giving working options to each partner.  She helps them clear the way to their real goals and opportunities, helping them heal the vestiges of past wounds -- a big part of life's journey.  She will work with couples before or after their wedding, guiding them into deeper levels of their soul relationship.  Her intuitive sense is sharp.  She is able to communicate what is often just beneath the surface. "Teaching is one of my greatest passions!"


Prior to creating Weddings A La Heart, Rev. Libby also hosted two live radio call-in shows where she answered forthright questions and freely assisted those who came to her.




She is a great friend and lover of all animals.  Libby raised and showed Afghan Hounds in England and shared her home in Hawaii with beloved companions Brogan, the dog and Magic, the Cat.  In addition to playing her treasured baby grand piano, Libby performs on the French horn in various community orchestras and bands around the Big Island.  She is writing two books, "Wedding Vows from the Heart" and "Life on the Magic Path: The Amazing Life of Magic the Cat," now in Spirit.

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